Heavy Structural Fabrication

The infrastructure industry in India is unfurling setting sight on building more ports, power projects, refineries and industrial structures. pinakprefab India has captured this opportunity to undertake heavy and intricate fabrication requirements of the infrastructure industry. Our facilities can handle both making of built up sections from plates and carry out full fabrication using Built ups, hot rolled steel sections or combination of both. The critical projects in India and abroad carried out by us stand in testimony of our capability to handle complex jobs.

Our pre-assembled walk doors include all hardware and are self-framing for ease of installation. Knock-down doors are shipped with all components for field assembly. Both door types are ADA compliant, foam insulated, include 14 gage heavy duty sub-jambs and an aluminum threshold.

Improve the view with a window system designed specifically for metal building systems, available in standard or custom styles and sizes in standard, narrow light, and thermal barrier options.

Supplement a pre-assembled door system with factory-installed options and accessories to suit any need, such as standard duty or heavy duty closers, panic devices, standard mortise locks, ball-bearing hinges, latch guards, and glass panes available in narrow vision or half glass.

Why Pre-engineered Building Structure

Responsibility: single Source Responsibility from inception to completion.

Foundations : Simple Design light weight with flexible structure and easy to construct with large space utility.

Sourcing and Coordination: building Structure supplied with complete cladding and all accessories from single source.

Design : Quick And Efficient design through CAD program.

Delivery: Shortest delivery period on an average of 6-8 weeks.

Seismic Resistance: Suitable for various weather condition and high resistance to disturbance.

Erection Cost and Time: Fast erection process with minimum requirement and predetermined time and cost.

Price Structure: Per square meter prices are 30% less thanthe conventional structure.

Maintenances: Low maintenance cost requires only periodic cleaning and annual washing of eave gutters .

Pre-engineered Building Primary System

Primary Built-up Members mainly Consists of;
  • Built-up “I” shaped primary structural framing memnbers
  • Columns
  • Rafters

These members are fabricated from high strength plates, which are cut to size and shape as per the specifications, which are used in making Build-up sections.


In this system practically any geometrical frame is possible. Unsymmetrical framing system about the right line and multiple framing system with inequal width are also possible, but they require more engineering time and longer delivery periods.
All the above components are designed in such a manner that they are compatible with each other. The fabrication of these components is carried out under strict quality control norms as per detailed shop drawings. Functional subsystems include mezzanine floors (including joists and decking), crane runway beams (to support crane systems), roof platform, catwalks, etc. Aesthetic features include fascias, parapets, canopies and roof extentions. These components are transported to site proper makings and are assembled at site as per erection drawings.

Pre-engineered Building Secondary System

Secondary Built-up Members Mainly Include
  • Purlins
  • Eave struts
  • Side Runners
  • Fascia Channels
  • Door Posts
  • Window Posts
  • Rafter Stays
  • Base Angles

cold-formed “z” and “c” shaped secondary structural members are cold roll formed light gouge which are made as per the design requirement and consist of;

  • Roof Purlin
  • Wall Girts
  • Eave Struts

pre-engineered vbuilding sheeting systems

the sheets and panels provided by us are of galvanized/galume aluminium/stainless stell cold rolled low carban stell coils they are of two coat two bake colour coating line of RMP/SDP?SMP?PVDF/Plastisol points solvant &Water Base PU &Polyester guard film.
there basically consist of

  • Metal Roofing/Wall Cladding
  • Connection Fasterners
  • Sky Light (Sky light &Poly Carbonate)
  • Turbo Ventilator
  • Rodge Ventilor
  • Roof curbs
  • Gutter
  • Window
  • door