Pinakprefab India Vision

Pinakprefab Steel Engineering India Pvt. Ltd, yearns to remain identified as a Reliable, Quality oriented PEB Manufacturer, distinguished by world class technical capabilities. Work focus shall drive our business, volumes shall not. Right value systems and ultimate value to our customer must hold the key.

Pinakprefab India Strength

People strength makes Pinakprefab Steel India. Group experience of nearly half a century into Building steel structures runs down the arteries of the organization to make Pinakprefab Steel India world class. Working in a demanding environment of diversified requirements for PEBs in Indian Market, Pinakprefab Steel India has gained expertise to design and engineer buildings of any perceivable complexity, strictly in compliance to adopted International standards. Pinakprefab Steel India blends professionalism, skill sets, state of art soft ware and versatile manufacturing lines to deliver what customer may have in wish list. PEB is not just about a box; it is to deliver a human work place – men, materials, machinery, handling, cranes conveyors; it calls for expertise to realize the right product.

Pinakprefab India Quality

Quality is not just a stop to stop checking process but a system driven work culture embedded across the organization. Pinakprefab Steel India believes in internal customer concept by instituting a customer centric environment from within the organization to safe guard the interest of customer, on an ongoing basis. Right product, at right time and right response – are our motto.

Pinakprefab India – Safety first

Pinakprefab Steel India is all about the team work. So our team must work in safe working condition. Safe working practices are inculcated because skill cannot be bartered and life is precious.

Pinakprefab India’s Customer

Our world is our customer. We develop the right relationships which can sustain throughout the business. Customer is our road map to the next business opportunity. Customer deserves the right place in our realm.